Penile Implant in Indianapolis

What Is a Penile Implant?

Older confident manKnown as the gold standard by which all other treatments for erectile dysfunction are judged, the penile implant is a minimally-invasive device that is placed inside a man’s body to restore his erections. Unlike other treatment options that fail to truly ‘fix’ the problem of a failing erectile system, the penile implant (also known as a penile prosthesis) is natural, invisible, and safe solution that allows a man to achieve an erection whenever he wants, however long he wants.

Fellowship-trained urologist Dr. Tatem at Urology of Indiana provide comprehensive consultations and penile implant procedures at our urology clinics in Indianapolis. Our highly-trained staff will answer any questions you may have and discuss with you all of your available penile implant options. For more information, call (877) 362-2778 to learn about your treatment options and schedule your consultation today.

Why should I choose an implant?

  • Patient satisfaction: Penile implants have the highest patient satisfaction of any treatment for erectile dysfunction at 93.8%! This far exceeds oral medications like Viagra or Cialis (51.6%) or penile injection therapy (40.9%).
  • Privacy: The penile implant replicates a natural erection by working with your own anatomy to restore sexual function, without any changes to sensation, orgasm or ejaculation! Placed through small opening, the penile implant is completely invisible, offering men the privacy and security they deserve.
  • Spontaneity: Other treatments for erectile dysfunction can be constrained by strict time limitations. Medications must be taken on an empty stomach long in advance and only last so long. Penile injections require preparation and supplies. The penile implant, however, is ready as soon as you are and lasting a long as you need it to.
  • Independence: Rather than having to rely on external medications or injections, once placed the penile implant becomes an extension of a man’s own body. This offers him complete control over his sex life and freedom from regular trips to the pharmacy.
  • Quick Recovery: At The Men’s Health Center, the majority of penile implants are placed through a small 3-centimeter opening. Once healed, the incision is often invisible and covered by the pubic hair. For men who do not have pubic hair, it looks like small hernia repair. And most men are able to return to full sexual function within 3-6 weeks!
  • Cost: The penile implant is covered by most insurance, including Medicare! For men that do not have insurance coverage, The Men’s Health Center is proud to offer a financing option for qualified patients.

How do Penile Implants Work?

There are two main types of penile implants: malleable implants and inflatable implants.

Malleable Implants

Malleable implants are made up of paired flexible rods that are placed within the erectile bodies of the penis. The rods can be flexed into an erect position to allow a man to participate in intercourse and then returned to a relaxed state with minimal effort. This adjustment does not affect the length or girth of the penis. These are a great option for men with limited dexterity who lack the ability to manipulate an inflatable implant.

Tactra Penile Implant

Tactra Implant #1 Penile Implant

Inflatable Implants

Inflatable implants consist of 3 key components: the cylinders, the pump, and the reservoir. At its core, much like a man’s natural erections, the penile implant is a hydraulic system. The cylinders are placed inside the erectile bodies of the penis while the pump is placed inside the scrotum.

When a man desires an erection, he squeezes the pump. This transfers sterile saline from the reservoir into the cylinders. The cylinders then expand in size until they become firm and rigid enough for satisfying intercourse. You control the firmness and size of the erection with the pump. Afterwards, with the press of a small button above the pump, this same fluid is transferred out of the cylinders back into the reservoir. This allows the penis to quickly return to a comfortable flaccid state. Since the same saline is cycled back and forth, this means that the inflatable implant is a ‘closed system’ and never needs to be refilled! Below is a video demonstrating how the inflatable implant works.

AMS 700 Penile Implant

Titan Touch Penile Implant



Frequently Asked Questions about Penile Implants

The penile implant is a functional procedure designed to give men the most firm and reliable erection they’ve had in years. It is not a penis enlargement surgery. Erectile dysfunction itself actually causes progressive loss of both penile length and girth, but this is not a result of the implant. In fact, the penile implant is the only treatment option that prevents further loss of penile size and allows men to preserve what they have.

The penile implant does not diminish the sensation of sex or climax in any way! What it does do, is allow men to maintain an erection as long as they desire. This means that, for the first time, men are able to maintain a firm, reliable erection well past orgasm.

Like any medical decision (which includes the decision to not treat your erectile dysfunction), the penile implant carries the potential for side effects. Dr. Tatem will discuss these with you prior to surgery. Our practice’s goal is to make this process as transparent as possible!

In short, no! The penile implant is completely invisible and concealed. Although the pump can be felt in the scrotum, it is extremely discreet. The only people that will know that you have an implant are the people that you choose to tell.

No. Although the implant allows for incredible spontaneity and independence, it still requires using the pump to achieve an erection suitable for intercourse. After an implant has been placed, proper usage will always be required for ideal sexual function.

Although every man is different, most patients are able to return to their desk job in about a week. We recommend refraining from lifting anything heavier than 10 pounds for the first two weeks and then returning to normal activity as tolerated. Most men are able to return to full sexual function within 3-6 weeks. Please ask your physician for details about your expected recovery time.

Most commercial insurance providers, in addition to Medicare, cover the penile implant. As a safety measure, we check the insurance benefits of all of our patients considering a penile implant to ensure that all necessary paperwork is completed ahead of time. For men who desire an implant but lack insurance coverage, we are proud to offer cash pricing with financing for qualifying patients. Please ask Dr. Tatem for details.

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