Prostate Cancer Recovery in Indianapolis, IN

UroPlan Rehabilitation and Recovery Following Prostate And Bladder Cancer Surgery

At Urology of Indiana, we believe that truly ‘beating’ cancer means helping men not only survive their disease, but live and thrive beyond it. We know that quality of life is a critical part of comprehensive cancer care, which is why we’ve developed UroPlan.

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What is UroPlan?

UroPlan is Urology of Indiana’s innovative and comprehensive prostate and bladder cancer survivorship program. Designed to help men overcome the side effects commonly associated with cancer treatment, UroPlan is purpose-built using the latest clinical research to help men achieve their best outcomes possible.

UroPlan is pro-active and encourages men to become an active participant in the recovery process. This starts even prior to surgery, giving men the tools they need to succeed. Want to learn more about UroPlan and how it works? Watch below as one of our fellowship trained experts, Dr. Alex Tatem, introduces the program and explains what cancer survivorship is, and why it’s an integral part of comprehensive cancer care.

Why should I choose UroPlan?

Great outcomes are rarely an accident, more often they are the result of planned, purpose-driven effort. Although some men will recover from prostate and bladder cancer surgery with minimal side effects, we know that pro-active rehabilitation can help many men achieve better outcomes, faster.

UroPlan has been designed to be dynamic and comprehensive, providing the most effective strategies available for men to regain their sexual and urinary function. By choosing UroPlan, men are able to take control of their recovery and work towards the quality of life that they deserve.

Check out the video below where Dr. Tatem goes into each of UroPlan’s ‘Restoration Roadmaps’ in detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re a man facing the prospect of prostate or bladder cancer surgery, then yes! Even if you’ve already had your surgery, engaging in active rehabilitation as soon as possible gives you your best chance possible for recovery.

Yes! With UroPlan our goal is to help optimize ALL men’s outcomes following prostate and bladder cancer surgery. Even if you’re planning on having your cancer surgery somewhere else, UroPlan gives you your best chance for recovery. Call (877) 362-2778 today and schedule your in-person or TeleHealth consultation today!

Our Active Roadmap has been designed to help men achieve their best results possible using the latest clinical data. That being said, we recognize that not all men have the ability to participate to this extent. For those men, our Passive Roadmap offers an engaging alternative that is easy to follow while offering better outcomes than foregoing rehabilitation altogether.

Yes. Cancer survivorship is an essential part of cancer care and, as such, every UroPlan clinic visit is covered by insurance. Although certain supplies (like the vacuum erection device) and certain medications (like tadalafil and sildenafil) may not be covered by every insurance plan, UroPlan provides patients with cost-effective device choices and medication rebate plans to make recovery affordable.

Call Urology of Indiana today to schedule your consultation to learn more about UroPlan at (877) 362-2778.

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At Urology of Indiana, board-certified urologist Dr. Tatem is dedicated to providing personalized care tailored to your specific needs. When you schedule a consultation with us, Dr. Tatem will thoroughly evaluate your case and develop comprehensive treatment options designed exclusively for you. Take the first step towards your prostate cancer recovery journey by calling (877) 362-2778 today to book an appointment. Alternatively, you can conveniently submit a consultation request online using our secure form.

Don’t wait to seek the expert guidance and support you deserve. Schedule your UroPlan consultation now and let our experienced urologists guide you towards a healthier future.

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